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Trout Spin Fishing White River AR


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Trout Spin Fishing in and near White River Arkansas

Trout Spin Fishing in White River

We are experts at trout spin fishing. For up to six people per boat we include open-faced spinning equipment for all our trips, along with casting instruction for the beginners. Nobody stays a novice in our boats, and the fish are always biting. If you have your own equipment that’s okay, too. Bring it! The preferred trout fishing outfit is a medium- to medium-light rod, five to six feet in length; an open-faced reel with an anti-backlash feature; and a four to six pound low visibility line. The water is always gin clear, so the lighter the better. There are many different ways to catch trout on the White River while spin fishing. Lures is one of them, and our favorite lures are plastic worms, little cleos, rooster tails, countdown rapalas, smithwick rogues and pj jigs in white or natural colors. And then there’s bait fishing and we use salmon roe, powerbait, red worms, shrimp, corn, minnows and sculpins, just to name a few. Our years of experience and knowledge is the key to knowing what works best at any time of the year, so no matter the season, we will have what’s working best to make your trip as memorable as possible.  

Arkansas White River Trout Fishing
Arkansas White River Trout Fishing
Arkansas White River Trout Fishing

Our boats are bigger, safer and more comfortable!

Trout Spin Fishing White River AR
White River Family Fishing
White River Trout Spin Fishing
White River Familt Fishing of Arkansas
White River Family Fishing
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