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About Us

About Ralph Chatelain, Founder and Owner:

When I was 14 years old, my parents bought 3 miles of white river to subdivide into lots and sell them as a retirement plan. When people wanted to see the lots from the water, dad had me take them fishing in front of their new lots to help promote the sale. Little did Dad know, I was being sold on the concept of helping people fish as a means of income. Ever since then it's the only job I have ever had for more than 3 months and it has now been more than 40 years. Life has been very rewarding to think that people call me to go on their vacation with them every year. Some of my clients have come back to go fishing with me for more than 35 years.

When I was raising my family, I worked as a dockhand as well as a guide until 1993 when I started White River Family Fishing. I knew that as a parent I enjoyed fishing with the whole family in the boat and soon realized that the common boats of the time were not designed for more than a guide and two or three people. I then asked the local boat builder to build a boat for me that was called a Commissary boat. (One that is used to haul camping gear down the rivers here.) He said he had been thinking about someday building a fishing boat out of a Commissary mold. Low and behold this boat was a big hit and now all the guides use one about that size; but for me it was too short. So the boat builder, Gay Rorie, let me watch him build some regular boats then gave me advice as to how I could build my own boats. That's how my boats came to be. They are 5 feet (or 25 percent longer) so now I have the only comfortable safe boats that size. Now my boats will safely and comfortably fit six customers and the guide. When people fish with us they always say how great our equipment is. It seems that every time people come back, it's the same reason - they like our boats and we catch more fish. Ask about our Shore lunch, it is fantastic. Our customers tell us don't change a thing. After fishing for 40+ years with people, I have developed into a great fish-tale informant and morale builder. I truly feel that people can go fishing with friends or family to brighten up their self-esteem.

As far as the bait we use, sometimes we have 6 or 8 methods to back us up. We feel that we can make things happen, rather than make excuses. We work all up and down the White River with all the resorts and can pick people up on the bank in front of their cabin or public boat ramp. We also have split days. Split days is where large families want to cut the cost in half, we will fish till lunch time, cook lunch, then others go fish after lunch. Because of that, 5 can catch enough fish to feed 15 for lunch and a new 5 go fish after lunch. (This way they only pay for five fishing.) We also have people who want to put their vacation in our hands, so we do overnight camping trips. During these trips, we rent cabins on the river and fish all day then a chef will prepare supper. Supper usually consists of a Porterhouse steak with all the trimmings. We also provide breakfast the next morning. For lunch, you can eat the sandwich box lunch or pay an extra $20 for the super Shore lunch.

We also offer a long distance trip where we can cover 30 to 50 miles in one 8-hour day to see more river. This means you will be motoring more than fishing but nature enthusiasts like to keep moving, where fishermen just usually like to try and catch numerous or larger fish. Some people have caught as many as 60 each!

Our trips offer a lifetime of memories never to be forgotten what ever people ask, we can usually help them achieve their goals. If it's your first visit we usually ask for a fifty percent deposit. We furnish everything you need except your fishing license and tooth brush. Our pricing includes everything. (Shore lunches are $20 per person.) We are still among the lowest priced White River Fishing Business with the best equipment and professional guides. We can Provide Shuttle services from the 2 local airports.

We love to talk vacation and White River Fishing with you so call (870)405-8215.

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White River Family Fishing
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