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Trout Fishing Basics White River AR


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Trout Fishing Basics in and near White River Arkansas

Trout Fishing Basics in White River

White River trout are just like trout everywhere – they are finicky and elusive. Techniques should always include finesse as well as skill. The water here is gin clear, and a light line always improves the odds of getting bites. Typically, the smaller the bait the more bites one gets. Even novices can do well if they happen to be at the right place at the right time. But to do well all the time one should practice small bait under the right conditions. Water speed and sunlight are big factors, as is rising water. Generally, trout feed more aggressively in rising water, making it difficult to fish from the bank. In this case, being in a boat will greatly increase your catching potential. Another factor about rising water is that it tends to be what we refer to as "dirty." When water levels change, the water tends to tear the moss off the river bottom, entangling in your line and making your bait unpresentable to the trout. You can avoid this by staying ahead of or running up-river.  

Arkansas White River Trout Fishing
Arkansas White River Trout Fishing
Arkansas White River Trout Fishing

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Trout Fishing Basics White River AR
White River Family Fishing
White River Trout Fishing Basics
White River Familt Fishing of Arkansas
White River Family Fishing
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