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Brown Trout Bull Shoals AR

Brown Trout

Bull Shoals Brown Trout
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Brown Trout in and near White River Arkansas

Brown Trout in Bull Shoals

Brown trout have completely taken over the White River. They are a protected fish, and some of the ones caught these days are up to 40 pounds. We as outfitters have always promoted catch and release with the larger trout. The current state record was set on the White River, according to the Arkansas Game & Fish Commission. It is common to see hundreds of browns in most deep pools of the first 20 miles of the White River below Bull Shoals Dam. Even though they are a nighttime feeder, we still catch them most days.

Arkansas White River Trout Fishing
Arkansas White River Trout Fishing
Arkansas White River Trout Fishing

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Brown Trout Bull Shoals AR
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Bull Shoals Brown Trout
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Trout Fishing Bull ShoalsTrout Fishing Bull Shoals ARTrout Fishing Bull Shoals ArkansasBull Shoals Trout Fishing